Greetings fashionable people, I’m Kit Kat. I go by other names; however, my name, just like my style, is something I like to switch up. My wardrobe is wicked eclectic: some days I am a rocker chick—with my motorcycle boots and band t-shirts. Some days I let my inner crunchy Goddess out via my fashion sense; and other days I glam it up.  I do not define myself by one set style or fashion trend because my personality is so large and my interests so diverse.  Often my mood, and the New England weather, determines what I’m going to wear that day; although, like most of us, I have at least three outfits already picked out the night beforeJ

I spent the last seven years earning three degrees—thus I do not shop at high end stores. I cannot even afford Macys or Filenes on my Preschool Teacher’s salary. But that does not stop me from looking absolutely FIERCE on a daily basis. My biggest secret is being a pack rat. I have cloths from seventh grade. Anything, from any year, can be mixed into a hot, current, and totally enviable outfit! I often rock thrift stores, my family’s closets (mostly with permission), and eBay. If there is a deal to be found on a hot item…I’ll find it!

In order to be fashionable and stay true to who I am—I have a few rules that I live by:

     1)  True beauty comes from the inside. If you are happy, content, and kind than you have already won the battle.  Joy and kindness is the BIGGEST fashion statement a girl can make!!!!

   2)    Know what works for your body. I’m 5’3’’ with tiny boobies and big hips. I will never be able to wear a Maxi dress; and, there will always be shirts that I cannot fill out. But I love my body and I know what works for it.

    3)   I would NEVER be caught out in public in sweat pants. Even my workout/housecleaning outfit has to be cute! Because a girl never knows when she is going to run into an ex!

   4)   Do not be afraid to try something new! If it looks cute and you like it—wear it!

)   5)    Do not try too hard. Your cloths should accent who you are. They should not overpower you.

I live by these rules in my day-to-day quest for fashionable threads and a stylish life. However, you may have your own set of rules. I’m here to help you find your inner fashion goddess, give you some hot tips, and bring all of us classy, hot, and stylish ladies together!

I cannot wait to see your style, to hear from you, and to start a community! Stay tuned—you never know what gems you can find in your closet!

Today’s Outfit: Housework Rocker Chic!