I’ll admit that I have been swept up in trends from time to time and more often than not I have regretted diving head first into Vogue’s or New York Fashion Weeks latest “must have” look. Sure, what’s hot looks great at the hands of professionals with thousand dollar budgets, Photoshop, and perfect lighting; but, that does not mean that the fashionable look will translate from the pages of the fashion mages to everyday life. Or, more importantly—into my personal style. So…the big question is, how do we, as fashionable and trendy people, know how to blend what’s hot right now into our style…or if we even should?

The answer lies within my rules for style. If it looks cute and you like it…try it—Rule 4. Rule 5: do not let your outfit overpower your personality or personal style.  And rule 2: does it work for your body. Ok ladies, so how do we do this? By taking baby steps i.e. sample the hot new style. Never go all out right away. If the trendy thing is neon…get a cute neon scarf and wear it with a neutral shirt and your favorite jeans. Do the same with a pair of hot pink flats. If you like it and you can pull it off, try something more brash.

Most importantly, do not break the bank on a new trend that may not work for you. I can never tell if a look works for me until I rock it for a whole day—seeing it in natural light, just getting a feel for the style. It’s important that as a classy, fresh, awesome lady that you do not look like a carbon cut out of your favorite celeb. The world already has a Kim Kardashian and a Selena Gomez…it does not need another one…it needs a YOU. Rock your style—rock you! Never let a trend overpower who you are.

Right now the sick new look is printed pants. It is an adorable! I can’t wait to try it out; but, I worry about my big hips. So I’m going to find the simplest pattern of print and wear them with an extra large T-Line tank, partially tucked. If I can pull off a two-color print…I’ll try something more daring. Honestly, I’m super excited about this hot new look. The crazy patterns and lots of color go super well with my style. But, if it does not work for my body, if I just don’t like it…than no big loss…there are always more trends!