What’s the Big Deal About a Scrunchie?


Ok. So what if Secretary of State Hilary Clinton wears scrunchies! I would like to start off with the obvious…SHE IS THE SECRETARY OF THE STATE! Why do we care about how she holds up her hair! I’m a fashion blogger and I find this insulting and stupid. Shouldn’t we, as educated, classy, cosmopolitan ladies be far more concerned with her politics and how she acts a representative of the United States? That being said…if she likes scrunchies let her rock herImage scrunchies. I’m a child of the 90s; and, good golly do I miss everything about that decade.  Scrunchies were a fashion staple of my youth.  They were seriously the flyest accessory. You could wear them as bracelets, they held up your hair, they came in so many styles—what was not to like! More importantly, who says that Secretary Clinton cannot start thescrunchies comeback? The woman is one of the most powerful figures in the world. It is only natural that her fashion should trickle into the main stream. I know that I always think about her when picking out a smart pant suit. I have always contended that we need to be fierce and fabulous in our own personal style. Scrunchies and pantsuits are Secretary Clinton’s style…and she is FIERCE! Besides, I am so looking forward to getting my scrunchies back…they are so much easier on hair than elastics.

And a BTWS to whomever argues that scrunchies cause hair creases…other elastics are worse…and a woman needs to pull her hair back when strong arming dictators.

Scrunchies now, Scrunchies forever