This is perfect for a Fancy-Pants kind of day!


Here is a cute idea I found on youtube and thought I could share with you guys:



It’s a pretty design that is relatively easy to make.

I used gray and flesh tone but you can use the traditional black and white if you prefer.


Things you will need:

-2 nail polishes

-a toothpick or dotting tool



1. Cover your nail with the color you want the “shirt” to be: mine is flesh tone

2. Draw using the brush the two lapels starting at the middle of the bottom of the nail and working your way up to the corner of the nail (where the white part meets the skin).

3. Draw using the toothpick two little dots to make the buttons

4. Draw using the toothpick the little bow by first making a small dot where you want the center of the bow to be and…

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