Fashion NO-NO!I wonder if my father will notice if I destroy all of his sweatpants? I shall be doing him and the world a favor. There is nothing fashionable about sweatpants. This is not the 1980s or very early 1990s. Yoga pants have taken the place of sweats…and even those should not be considered a style constant. Wear them once and a while…not every day. I.e. to yoga, work out, do house chores, quick errands…not for prolonged social events. The bummer is that there is no yoga pant equivalent for men. If you need a “chill” pant wear Adidas or Nike training/track pants. They are far more acceptable than sweats. However, and I cannot stress this enough– yoga, track, PJ esq pants are NOT to be worn as an all day outfit! Let’s remember that we have class. And take the few extra minutes to pull together some threads worthy of our awesomeness and style.