I had to speak out when I read someone’s answer to is it wrong to cut. Perhaps it is the relative age difference between the average Tumblr blogger and Me. But, if you feel the need to cut…to physically hurt yourself because you are in so much mental pain…that is a problem. Cutting is not the answer. Please reach out to someone. Cutting has become an epidemic among the adolescence. Some do it out of sheer mental anguish–others as a desperate cry for attention. Whatever motivations you have…do not do it. Your body is beautiful. You are beautiful. Do not hurt yourself in an effort for temporary relief for what will inevitably prove to be a temporary problem. Life will get better.  Seek help, guidance, tell a friend, parent, anyone.

Call the National Self-Harm help number: 1-800-366-8288.

It is anonymous. You don’t have to give a name. They cannot tell your parents. All they do is listen and help.

Also, There are books out there that actually talk to the issue in a way that you can understand and connect to. Check out these links to the Google Book Sites.

Cut: Mercy For Self-Harm by: Nancy Alcorn


Cut by Patricia McCormic


Please, remember that you are beautiful. You are worth so much to so many people. You are loved. And no matter what is happening now…things will get better. Trust me…I am older…I have been there and lived through it.

Love, Kit Kat.