I have a HUGE amount of respect for Catherine, Caffeinated. I absolutely do. She is a brilliant wordsmith; offers insightful advice; and, never bores. However, I am SO NOT in agreement with her list of the 100 greatest movies. What do y’all think. It’s going to take me a spot to compile my own list. I have to choose between Dirty Dancing and The Lost Boys for the number 1 slot…


It’s Friday! So let’s set aside the self-publishing stuff for a second and do something fun.

On Wednesday Nathan Bransford posted his personal list of 100 Favorite Movies and challenged others to do the same. Now as you all know I never met a procrastination activity I didn’t like, and I love movies as much as I love books (well, almost…), so today I’m posting my list.


One hundred movies sounds like a lot, and will seem like a lot when you first start trying to think of all your favorite films. You’ll enlist the help of friends and family, look up Best Picture nominees on Wikipedia and frantically browse your DVD collection. But soon you’ll be saying, “Oh! How could I forget that?” and “But what about—?’ and “I feel like there was something else amazing he was in too…” and then suddenly you’re up to 149…

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