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It’s amazing how popular culture can influence fashion trends. It is especially fascinating how a show as iconoclastic and irreverent as Doctor Who can be reborn (and reborn and reborn, and reborn one more time) and brings about the rebirth of the bow tie. Even still we see this staple of men’s fashion vaulting out of the obscurity, the shadows of only being found in the Haberdashery to being everywhere—big department stores right on down to T.J. Maxx. The best part of it all is that Doctor Who is not one of those tedious prime time, gentrified, Americanized, shows that every frat boy and sorority sister watches with a drinking game. It is largely considered to be a: “Nerd” show. And yet, the Doctor and his fashion forward style is transcending the Comics and heading straight to GQ. I doubt Dr. McDreamy would be able to pull that off.

      The Doctor says: “Bow ties are cool;” and thus, bow ties are cool. I shall not be surprised when I see men strutting about NYC in fezzes. Because: ”It’s a Fez, I wear a Fez now, Feze’s are cool;” and, the Doctor is never wrong. ImageImageDoctorsImage