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It’s Lent for us Catholics which means that for 40 days and 40 nights we have to give up things that we really really REALLY love to show our fear, respect, and love of the Lord. Every year I rack my brain for what to give up–and every year it’s a real PAIN IN THE ARSE. For a few years I gave up tea; because, I just adore my cup a. However, every year–without fail, I would get strep, or bronchitis, or pneumonia and NEED tea. Thus, I decided to give up a few things for Lent–just in case it became necessary to break my abstinences of whatever I gave up early. Last year I gave up Icees and Eggs. The year before, Dunkin Donuts and Ice Cream. This year…this year I have gone all out. This year, I have decided to abstain from almost all of the things that I love. However, and– God already knows, because he’s God, so I can feel free to openly share it with the lot of you-I have given up so many things in order to “stack the deck,” in case I fail to make it the 40 days.

This year I am abstaining from:

— Gummies. All Gummies and candies that I love i.e. Twizzlers, gummy bears/worms. All gummy     things. Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Basically anything sour or fruit or chewy.

— Dessert of a rich nature i.e. cookies, cakes, ice cream. 

— Here is the BIG ONE: “Tag.” Which is my code word for sex. I am giving up

    sex for Lent. 

So far I am three days in. This means I have 37 days to go; and, I really want some gummy bears. Image