Morning SexyTime


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Morning sex is better described as:  your man stretches, grunts, scratches his balls and rolls over toward you.  He thinks he’s being cute and flirty as he grabs you while you  unplug  your phone from its charger—because you have already been up, jogged, showered, done laundry, dishes, cleaned and generally been productive for  hours—and drags you back into bed. Your man pulls you into a bear hug, squeezing you tighter and tighter into his body which is over-heated from sleep. He nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck inhaling your hair whilst his morning wood is stabbing you in the back. Sweet nothings like: “you are so fucking hot baby—do you know how fucking hot you are. God I am horny. Thor’s Sword wants some of that sweet tight lala”  are heaved into your ear. The lovely eau de toilette of morning breath fills your old factory sense. Your lover starts running his hands up your shirt, kissing your neck while you make several attempts to get lose from  his embrace; because, unlike him, you have a ton of shit to do before you have to be at work. But, alas, he is persistent; and, in the end, you just give in and allow the morning penetration because it’s just quicker this way. “If there’s a more perfect way to start the day, I haven’t discovered it yet. “ I have, don’t wake the bear unless you have the day off and nothing to do. 



I’m Catholic. It’s Lent.


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It’s Lent for us Catholics which means that for 40 days and 40 nights we have to give up things that we really really REALLY love to show our fear, respect, and love of the Lord. Every year I rack my brain for what to give up–and every year it’s a real PAIN IN THE ARSE. For a few years I gave up tea; because, I just adore my cup a. However, every year–without fail, I would get strep, or bronchitis, or pneumonia and NEED tea. Thus, I decided to give up a few things for Lent–just in case it became necessary to break my abstinences of whatever I gave up early. Last year I gave up Icees and Eggs. The year before, Dunkin Donuts and Ice Cream. This year…this year I have gone all out. This year, I have decided to abstain from almost all of the things that I love. However, and– God already knows, because he’s God, so I can feel free to openly share it with the lot of you-I have given up so many things in order to “stack the deck,” in case I fail to make it the 40 days.

This year I am abstaining from:

— Gummies. All Gummies and candies that I love i.e. Twizzlers, gummy bears/worms. All gummy     things. Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Basically anything sour or fruit or chewy.

— Dessert of a rich nature i.e. cookies, cakes, ice cream. 

— Here is the BIG ONE: “Tag.” Which is my code word for sex. I am giving up

    sex for Lent. 

So far I am three days in. This means I have 37 days to go; and, I really want some gummy bears. Image

It Shines From The Page

Great advice…great blog.


“Almost anyone can be an author; the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.“ A.A. Milne

Nowadays life has become much more difficult and uncertain in many ways. It is difficult to make a living. Hard as it is to write it is still harder to get published. I say it is hard to write because most of the time, unless we have already established ourselves as bestseller writers, we cannot make a living from writing alone. We must have a job, whether part time or full time, to support ourselves as well as our family. We have bills, tuition fees and mortgages to pay. On top of that we are living in economically difficult times. Big conglomerates are taking over small businesses and companies are closing or declaring bankruptcy more often. With the creation of the e-reader, even bookstores are closing, as did Borders…

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Business Style and Business Savvy.


Project Eve.

I received a phenomenal honor today; I was named a founding member of the Project Eve community. I am so excited to be recognized for my hard work promoting the site and my business savvy. Because, as all stylish woman know…we cannot be on top unless we work hard and connect to the people around us. The Project Eve community connects and celebrates Female entrepreneurs. And, as a female entrepreneur– of what I can only hope is an up-and-coming fashion empire–I am so beyond happy to have a place to make friendships and business connections.
My business style is already hot…now my business savvy is growing.
If you are at all interested in checking out or joining the Project Eve network go to:
Tell them “Kathleen Moore” invited you.
Stay fashionable and stay savvy. You are in charge of your own path…make it glamorous and uphill all the way!
-Kit Kat

Fashion Public Service!


Fashion NO-NO!I wonder if my father will notice if I destroy all of his sweatpants? I shall be doing him and the world a favor. There is nothing fashionable about sweatpants. This is not the 1980s or very early 1990s. Yoga pants have taken the place of sweats…and even those should not be considered a style constant. Wear them once and a while…not every day. I.e. to yoga, work out, do house chores, quick errands…not for prolonged social events. The bummer is that there is no yoga pant equivalent for men. If you need a “chill” pant wear Adidas or Nike training/track pants. They are far more acceptable than sweats. However, and I cannot stress this enough– yoga, track, PJ esq pants are NOT to be worn as an all day outfit! Let’s remember that we have class. And take the few extra minutes to pull together some threads worthy of our awesomeness and style.